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Signa is a product line designed for creation and verification of electronic documents signed with qualified electronic signature:

  • Signa Desktop – software application;
  • Signa Web – public internet service;
  • Signa Docs – document signing platform for enterprises;
  • Signa SDK – framework for IT system developers allowing integration of electronic documents functionality into information system or document management system.

Electronic document created with Signa has the same legal power as signed paper documents because according to EU eIDAS regulation the qualified electronic signatures are legally equivalent to handwritten signatures.

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Qualified Long-term Preservation Services for Qualified Electronic Signatures and Electronic Seals

What is it?

Services for preserving the legal validity of signed electronic documents for as long as desired.

Why are they needed?

If electronic documents are not preserved, when the certificates used in their electronic signatures or seals expire or the cryptographic algorithms are weakened, software tools will no longer be able to confirm the validity of the signatures. This happens for all document and signature formats.

Once the validity of the electronic signature has been lost, it cannot be restored.

What are they for?

The services are intended for owners of systems (DMS and other IS) with signed electronic documents. The services resolve the trouble of ensuring the validity of electronic documents.

How to use them?

Two modes of using the services:

  • The documents are stored in the service system (preservation profile with storage – WST).
  • The documents are stored in the client's system (preservation profile without storage – WOS).

The services are integrated into the client's system using REST style web services.

What can be preserved?

Signed electronic documents of all specifications approved by or agreed with the Chief Archivist of Lithuania:

  • ADOC-V1.0
  • ADOC-V2.0
  • EGAS-V1.0
  • MDOC-V1.0
  • PDF-LT-V1.0
  • PDF-RC-V1.0

Signed electronic documents and containers in the formats regulated by eIDAS and required to be accepted by all EU countries:

  • ASiC-E with XAdES signatures according to ETSI TS 103 174 (Latvian EDOC v2.0 documents and Estonian BDOC v2.1 documents are particular instances of this format)
  • ASiC-E with XAdES signatures according to ETSI EN 319 162-1
  • ASiC-S with XAdES signatures according to ETSI TS 103 174
  • ASiC-S with CAdES signatures according to ETSI TS 103 174
  • ASiC-S with XAdES signatures according to ETSI EN 319 162-1
  • ASiC-S with CAdES signatures according to ETSI EN 319 162-1
  • PDF with PAdES signatures according to ETSI TS 103 172
  • PDF with PAdES signatures according to ETSI EN 319 142-1

Popular signed electronic documents created with the Adobe Acrobat tool:

  • PDF with CMS signatures


The Council of the Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania on May 11, 2023, decided to grant qualified status for MitSoft Qualified long-term preservation services for qualified electronic signatures and electronic seals and to include the services into Trusted List of the Republic of Lithuania.

What are the advantages of qualified services?

  • MitSoft qualified services implement the requirements of ES ETSI EN 319 401, ETSI TS 119 511, and ETSI TS 119 512 standards.
  • The quality of the services is confirmed by the verification of the implementation of each functional and non-functional requirement by a two-stage certification audit performed by an EU-accredited organization.
  • Services are supervised by the state of the Republic of Lithuania with obligation of activity insurance.
  • In the event of a dispute, the responsibility is on the qualified service provider, not the customer, to prove that the provider did not act improperly.

More information:

Documents defining the services:

MitSoft invites organizations to use qualified preservation services or to acquire innovative software for these services.

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